Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hang Out with My best

Bonjour. today was different with another last day. Today I was "kidnapping" by my best pal Annisha Nurilla. She asks me to accompany her looking for his father medicines. So I accept it, and she picked me up at home. She drove a car like crazy -______- well, we're a teenager so all we need are Drive Faster #lol. Before it, we're have a lunch at Kedai Kita, we ordered 3 foods ! there were a Cumi Saus Padang, Fu Yung Hai and Kangkung cah polos. All the foods are the healthy foods. We're eat like a monster -_- and after a couple minute, we just realize that its too much. And finally I called my boyfriend and asked him to have lunch together. After he came, he ate the foods till drop.

Then after lunch, me and Icha goes to Pangrango Plaza for looking a pharmacies. Then when we arrived, the medicines was out of order. Its so weird, cause every pharmacies that we visit all says the medicines was out of order. So finally, we're bought a Cimol PP. Its so delicious. Finally I drove a car after I said to Icha that I was totally sick when she drove it :D Then we went to Luthfi's home. Cause Icha wanna give him a lunch. After it, we're going to Saung Kuring cause my mom said that she's gonna eat in there.

And voila ! the trip its over. So bad cause I'm not take a picture of our journey.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Everything is about ' New '

Hello, its been a long time I'm not writing this blog. Well I'm kinda busy with my "New" activities ! And now, let's start again :) Well now, I'm officially student on Universitas Indonesia specifically in French Literature. It was a surprise for me, cause when I sign up for it I'm totally nervous and scared. Because I had a lot of competitor in my school. And when the result comes, its totally surprised. I got and accepted on it ! Mom and Dad was totally happy with it, especially the result was came in my daddy's birthday, so I made it a present for him :)

Next, I was registered on UI after I got the message from them. And I came to Balairung (it was a big stadium in UI) and I verified my score report with them. Alhamdulillah, there's no problem. So I can back home and wait for the 2nd register. And after the 2nd register, I'm official the new comer on French Literature.
After the 2nd register end, the students from UI was inform us about the OKK (Orientasi Kegiatan Kampus). And I after it, me and my several friends came to Humanity Stand, which mean its our faculty. We met some senior on French Literature. They just totally fine and we just enjoy it, after the times end we back home.

Day by Day, I'm totally enjoyed my day in French Literature. I met a kind smart and good friends, they were Devita, Inggrid, Megi, Dytha, Indah, Yodia, Nuke, Abi etc. They just so nice and I feel comfortable with them. We spent our day together at University, and outside the campus too. We're always spent our night in Warung Pasta and Lawson. And also, we're always sleep over on Devita's. They just really mean to me :)


Its Just some of our crazy photos.
New Day-New Life-New Friends-New School-New Home

New Boyfriend ? NO

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Journey

hello guys ! it has been a long time I'm not writing on my blog. so this is the time I'll continue it again. Just for filling my looooooooooooong holiday 'til July or August, well lets begin my first story on this month.

Well its the time when I have to pass my Final Exam on April 16th - 19th. Its the most horrible day ever, because guess what ? I got a cold when I have to pass it, but its not broken my passion to pass it and finally I could pass it very well ! Just wait for the result on May 16th.

a few days after final exam

yeaaay ! its holiday time. but guess what ? I'm still can't going anywhere. cause my mom still not allow me to going anywhere. horrible holiday ! and I hate this !!
But, my hubby makes my better day, he comes and "kidnapping " me Lol we went to Botani Square and had a fun there ! we going eat a shabu-shabu , watching a Battleship (its a good movie !!!) and going to photo box. and this's the result !

lol ! love it xoxo !

Today (april 25)

I awake in the morning around 6.30, its the earlier awake I think. totally tired after playing The Sims 3 last night. I think I need some rest. But my mom ask me to drive my little brother Qory goes to school. So I'm in ! After took him at school, my mom said that she wants to had a breakfast in MIE SEHAT at Surya Kencana. So we agreed and we go there. After arrived, there was so many cars and the traffic was little bit crowded. I ordered the Mie Kangkung Hijau Goreng Seafood and Hot Tea. and Voilaaaaaaa ! this was the Healthy Breakfast for Today 

That's all for today see you on the next Page ! xoxo

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Evening guys ! Today is the tiredest day ever, I lost my voice cause I'm screamed and Singing on DBL, The famous basketball competition in Bogor. well, today was the big match between my school (sman2bogor) vs sman6bogor. Its really strained I think, but this match was very awesome! Because what ? The strained match not in the basketball match, but in the Supporter match. We're singing and dancing to motivate our basketball team, and their also do the same. And finally, we won the match !

The Supporters of SMANDA

The Drummer of SMANDA

The Supporters singing and dancing

sman6bogor supporters and ours

congratulation for SMAN2BOGOR !
We're goes to Final and We'll win this game again !
We are Smanda SMART & STRONG

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd February :)

fellas ! long time I'm not writing in this blog, and finally I can write it now. Well, this month was the best month I ever had, ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH ! really excited, especially on 2nd February. I'm getting my 18th and... I'm grow up I think Lol ! well, lets start it

February 2nd

well, its my birthday day. and I'm really happy to know it. Cause I growing up and forgetting all the past moment. And now I'm the older one in my class
(number one and two was Ibeng and Rieka)
When I check my phone at 4am, I got 7 message at BBM. when I wrote it, the first message was from my best guy Prima, the second one was Ina (akbar's sister) and the third was my hubby :)
I'm really happy to read it and when I woke up I got a lot of message from others.

When I went to school, I met my friend Purent and she gave me a present. a navy blue phone case, I love it so much :D
then, I got a birthday greeting from my class, especially coco yoru who grabbed my b***s -_____-
After sport lesson I went to toilet, there I met lidani and she screamed out loud and say " HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAYAS !!! "and she gave me a wet kisses :D
When the first rest time, I'm eating the Ayam Sunda and when I'm eating, Tami came and gave me a 2 donuts and 1 candle, and its mean 18 :D Thank you so much tami :))

YEAY ! we got an earlier lesson, so we just back at 13.30 then I "kidnapped" by akbar and went to Kedai Kita. When we arrived, Akbar really looks weird. I don't know but I think he's hiding something. But I just be positive. Then Akbar permission wanna go to Toilet, and I'm waiting alone.
After 10minutes suddenly from behind there's a guy with a heavy voice singing

and when I turning back, there's my hubby carry the small box and there's a cupcakes :*
speechless !!!! but I'm so happy :) :)
aaaa I wanna cry LOL

the birthday cake from my hubby :)

and I got this lovely one :)

really sweetest day, but its not only one when I wanna go to pray, suddenly icha called me and said " yaaas keluar dong ! pake kerudung tapi " and finally I came out and I was shocked !! there's icha and prima brought a small cakes :D aaaaah really sweet :)

me mourin icha and prima :)

The Presents for my 18th :)

The silliest present from Annisha Nurilla, a box of TOP !

its the sweetest one day of my 18th
thank you very much for all participant

My hubby, Icha, Prima, Purentia, Tami, Serly,Anis, Sulis, Badak, Dwi, Bejo, Dewe, Adit, dan Qowiyu